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Best AI Tools for Students – Without getting caught


Best AI Tools for Students – Without getting caught

The future is here. But education is lacking.

The education system was already falling behind in terms of both its content and teaching methods, but with the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, the gap has widened to an alarming degree.

As a student, this article is not about cheating, but about not being slowed down by an antiquated education system and leveraging the best AI tools available to excel in your studies.

It’s time to take control of your education and embrace AI.

From note-taking and research to finding, citing, and translating sources, generating ideas, detecting plagiarism, and writing – we’ve got you covered and much, much more. Including actual prompts that you can copy and paste.

If you’re a teacher reading this and thinking you’re going to learn how to catch your students, please reconsider. AI is not your enemy; it’s a tool that you can also leverage. It’s time to embrace it, or be left behind. The choice is yours

Our mission at Full Stack AI is to help you 100x your potential by building your AI stack. Let’s dive in!

Best AI Tools for Students – Without getting caught

1. Chat GPT

Chat GPT - Open AI - Artificial Tool

While the first tool may seem obvious, mastering Chat GPT might make it the only AI tool you’ll need.

Mastering it will give you an edge over your peers that they may never be able to catch up to.

Do you know that many AI tools are built on top of OpenAI’s Chat GPT API?

This means that these tools essentially provide a different user interface to the underlying technology.

Chat GPT use cases for students:

  • Essay writing
  • Test preparation
  • Language learning
  • Research projects
  • Homework help
  • Professional development
  • College application assistance:
  • Career exploration

These are just a few examples of use cases. The true potential lies in your own imagination to unleash the full power of ChatGPT.

For inspiration, here are a few prompts that you can copy and paste:

✅ Grammar Checker
Please correct the following text and provide an explanation of the grammatical errors present in it. [insert text]
✅ Paraphrasing
Can you please paraphrase this text for me? The original text is [insert original text here]. I would like you to rephrase it in a way that is easier to understand and doesn't change the meaning of the original text.
✅ Expand a text
Can you please expand on this text for me? The original text is [insert original text here]. I would like you to provide more details, examples, or explanations to help me better understand the topic at hand.
✅ Make a text human-like
Can you please rewrite this text in a more natural, human-like tone? The current text was generated by an AI and doesn't sound quite right. I would like you to rephrase it in a way that sounds more natural and organic, while still conveying the same message.
✅ Get feedback
Can you please review my writing and provide feedback? I'm struggling with [insert specific issue, such as organization, clarity, or grammar] and would appreciate your input. The piece I would like you to review is [insert title or topic of the writing task].
✅ Brainstorm ideas
Can you help me with brainstorming ideas for my writing assignment? The topic is [insert topic here], and I'm having trouble coming up with ideas. I'm hoping you can provide some suggestions or help me narrow down my focus.
✅ Clarify assignment
Can you please help me understand this reading assignment? I'm having difficulty grasping the main ideas and would appreciate some clarification. The reading in question is [insert title or author of the reading assignment].


otter ai - full stack ai is an amazing tool that can really change the game for you when it comes to taking notes and studying.

You know how it is in class – you’re trying to listen, understand, and write everything down all at the same time, and it can be overwhelming.

But with, you can just focus on engaging with the material and participating in class without worrying about missing anything important.

One of the coolest features is the search function – you can easily find specific information by searching for keywords or phrases within the recorded content.

It’s a real lifesaver when you’re cramming for an exam or trying to write a paper. And if you’re working on a group project, sharing your notes and summaries with your classmates is a breeze.

3. – AI Content Detector - AI Content Detector - full stack ai

You probably already know this, but don’t just copy and paste an AI-generated text for your homeworks.

Your teachers are not dumb (at least most of them), and there’s a good chance they’re using the same kind of tools to check for plagiarism.

If you want make your homeworks as human-like as possible, use a tool like – AI Content Detector.

4. - full stack ai is a great tool to help you with your assignments, especially when it comes to generating ideas and finding sources.

4. – You Write, Jennie Completes is your new homework partner. She even has a plagiarism checker to make sure your work goes undetected.

You can start typing and she will complete the rest for you. Basically 10Xing you writing speed.


tutor ai is a really cool learning platform that can help you learn about anything you’re interested in (not just school work).

All you have to do is input your queries and read the output.

It’s based on advanced AI technology that’s always updated with the latest news and trends.

Plus, it offers modules segregated into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, so you can find the right level of information for your needs.

Best of all, it’s completely free to use!

6.’s AI Essay Writer’s AI Essay Writer is the best AI writing tool for crafting outstanding essays effortlessly.

Embrace a stress-free writing process with our advanced AI algorithms that generate custom content based on your input.

With a wide range of templates and tools available, tackle essays across various disciplines with confidence.

Elevate your academic journey with’s AI Essay Writer and experience the future of essay writing today!

7. Studdy

Studdy is an AI tutor for students. Anytime you need help with schoolwork (or any material you’re reading), just snap a picture to get instant help from Studdy Buddy.

Things Studdy can do:

  • Break problems down into simple steps
  • Answer unlimited follow up questions
  • Summarize pages for you
  • Test your reading comprehension
  • Quiz you to make sure you understand the “why” of what you’re doing and aren’t just regurgitating homework steps
  • Frame problems and draw relationships for you
  • Speak to you at your grade level, in your own language
  • Plus more!

Without getting caught?

Before we wrap-up this article, we want to clarify one thing about the title.

When we say “without getting caught,” we don’t mean cheating.

Rather, we mean that AI is transforming the world in ways that few things have done before. We 100% believe that AI will not replace you, but the person who uses AI will.

As a student, you should not be discouraged from using AI because your teacher decided to be on the wrong side of history.

By “without getting caught,” we mean that you should use AI to learn, discover, and experiment.

And if you need to use certain tools to avoid detection, then go ahead. We support you in your quest for knowledge.

Let’s keep building your stack.

PS : If you want to take your education outside the classroom and deepdive even more on your own, here are the top AI subreddits to learn more about artificial intelligence.

PPS: And to take it to another level, here are some advanced must-read AI books and take a look at these free ai online courses.

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