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Prepostseo AI Content Optimization Toolkit: Is it Worth the Hype?


Prepostseo AI Content Optimization Toolkit: Is it Worth the Hype?

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SEO is such a versatile process that marketers use a variety of different tools to handle it. One of the most important aspects in this regard is SEO content. SEO content is usually a piece of writing that aims to rank high in a search engine. 

In order to create such content, you need to optimize it to perfection. This is where tools and technology come in. These tools help in the optimization of content to the point where no mistakes are left. One such content optimization tool is called Prepostseo

In this post, we will provide you with a comprehensive review of this tool platform. This review will help you understand the credibility of the tool and will tell you whether you can use it or not. This post will share unbiased opinions so that every point of view is covered.  

Introduction to Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a platform that houses multiple tools. It has over 95 tools that are designed for stuff like web development, domain management, calculations, and content optimization. Here, we will only look at this tool as an optimization toolkit. 

There are a few tools on this platform that are optimization-related. Our goal is to review all of them individually so that you get an in-depth idea of what Prepostseo does. So, without any further ado, let’s begin our discussion and review. 

Features Review

First of all, we will discuss the general features of Prepostseo. This is a sort of overview of the platform as a whole. After this, we will get into the specifics.

  1. Website Interface

The interface of the platform in terms of design is brilliant. All the different buttons and sections of the website are clearly visible and easily accessible. A user can comfortably access any web page of the website with ease.

However, there is one bad thing about all this. That is the abundance of advertisements. Since Prepostseo is a free platform, its site pages show a few ad banners. Even though the other features of the platform compensate for these ad’s presence, it can still be annoying sometimes. 

But other than that, everything is greatly organized and presented. The functionality and ease of use of the website is unmatched. We have personally used the site and faced no problems whatsoever. From the search bar to the tool page, we didn’t encounter even a single issue.

  1. Content Optimizing Tools

In this section, we will give you an overview of the different content optimization tools that are available on Prepostseo. We will rate these tools out of 5 for a clear idea. The ratings are based on our personal use of the tools. This section is vital for understanding the actual proficiency of the platform. 

  1. Plagiarism Checker (4/5)

Plagiarism Checker is a tool for detecting duplicate parts of your write-up. This means that if a piece of content has copied or unoriginal content, then this tool will be able to detect it. This is extremely useful to understand if you have accidentally plagiarized or not. 

Key Features

Some prominent features of this particular tool include:

  • Great uploading and downloading options.
  • Deep search plagiarism checking. It generates highly accurate reports. 
  • Detection of paraphrased plagiarism.
  • Option to download plagiarism report. 
  • Other tool integration for lowering plagiarism (paraphrasing tools, article rewriter).

So, you can use the plagiarism checker of Prepostseo to know whether your content is unique. If it isn’t, you should make changes because copied content doesn’t work in a search engine. 

Negative Aspect

There isn’t much when it comes to this tool’s cons. However, for complete understanding, we will show you both sides of the coin. One problem with this tool is that it is sometimes unable to detect plagiarism from certain sources. However, this problem is present in almost every plagiarism checker out there. Still, we thought it was worth mentioning. 

  1. Paraphrasing Tool (5/5)

The Paraphrasing Tool of Prepostseo is a content editing tool that makes highly optimized changes to a written piece of content. This tool can rephrase your sentences by replacing words with other words. But the essence or original meaning of the sentences still remains the same. 

Best Features

  • Multiple paraphrasing techniques (rearranging sentences, replacing words, altering voice, etc.).
  • A bunch of paraphrasing modes for varying tones. 
  • Easy to understand and use. 
  • Quick paraphrasing. This is true even for long passages containing 500 words or more. 
  • High-end AI technology for human-like paraphrasing.

These key features of the tool show that it is a great utility for optimizing different aspects of your content. 


This tool is an almost perfect utility for content optimization. But one thing that bothers some users is that some of the features of this tool are locked. They can only be unlocked if you buy the premium plan. So, some of the paraphrasing modes are unavailable, and there is also a word limit.

  1. Grammar Checker (4/5)

Grammar Checker is a tool that analyzes written text and determines whether it is grammatically correct or not. If there are any mistakes, the tool highlights them and suggests appropriate changes. The tool can scan for grammatical errors even in long write-ups.

Great Features

  • Replacements or corrections of the errors are explained well.
  • Checks for errors in seconds. 
  • Formatting options for better understanding (bold, italicize, list, etc.).
  • Helps improve your grammar proficiency.
  • Great spelling checker. 


The grammar checker is quite great at what it does. However, this tool is not able to find highly complex or controversial mistakes yet. This means that you can’t use this tool to check highly professional write-ups.

  1. Text Summarizer (3/5)

The summarizing tool by Prepostseo is a text condensing utility. It can understand the contextual meaning of all the sentences used in a piece of content and then summarize it. You can use it to generate social media descriptions from your blogs and articles. However, this is just one example of its uses. There are many other use cases of this as well. 

Highlighting Features

  • Summarizes text without changing the original meaning. 
  • By words and by percentage summarizing available. 
  • AI-powered summarizer available. 
  • Can summarize content from other languages as well. 
  • Saves time that would otherwise be spent on thinking about which parts of the writing to keep and which to omit. 


As such, there is no con to using this summarizer, but there is one thing that is worth your consideration. Suppose you have written an essay. If you generate this essay’s summary with the Summarizer, it might change the intent. This is because the tool can’t recognize the emotions and the tone of your writing. So, if you want to preserve that, you should consider manual summarizing. 

  1. Customer/User Support

Now, we have discussed every major content optimization tool that is offered by Prepostseo. So, we will move on to the next aspects. Let’s talk about customer support first. Prepostseo values its customers or users and aims to solve all their issues and queries as soon as possible. 

We say that because this platform provides an efficient chatbot that converses with the users regarding queries. For example, if you can’t figure out how to do something, you can just ask the chatbot, and it will let you know what to do. 

Similarly, if you have any other sorts of requests, you can contact the Prepostseo team via email. Both these mediums of contact are extremely useful. They also respond quite quickly and don’t make you wait.

  1. Premium Plan

The premium plan of the tool is a monthly subscription that gives the users additional benefits. For example, we mentioned that the paraphrasing tool has locked paraphrasing modes. Buying the premium plan unlocks them with a number of other options.

Another example is that as a free user, you can only check plagiarism for a limited amount of words. With the premium plan, this limit goes up to 2500 words per submission. In this way, you can check plagiarism for an extremely large number of words. 

The pricing details of this plan are shown below for you to get a better idea of the situation:

Conclusion: Is Prepostseo Worth the Hype?

In our opinion, which is based on experience, we would say yes. This means that Prepostseo does, in fact, live up to its hype. It offers everything it promised and more. Even free users are utilizing the services of this platform increasingly. 

All the content editing or optimizing tools of Prepostseo handle the customization of different aspects of the same write-up. By using a mixture of these tools on the same piece of content, you can create a high quality write-up that also performs well in a search engine. 

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