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ADXL enables instant, widespread ad coverage, simplified & optimized with results beyond human limits across social platforms.

ADXL is an AI-driven marketing automation tool! With ADXL, you can effortlessly streamline your paid ad campaigns across Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Shopping, Amazon Ads, and Facebook & Instagram product shop ads. By simply providing information about your product or service, ideal customers, and budget, ADXL optimizes your campaigns to reduce workload and budget requirements.

ADXL specializes in crafting, managing, and optimizing high-performing campaigns, saving you time and effort. It automates retargeting, conversion, and event tracking, making it easier than ever to reach your target audience effectively. By uploading your customer list to ADXL, you can centralize customer matching and targeting and instantly sync it with platforms like Facebook and Google.

But that’s not all! ADXL is the only platform that allows you to run instant lead ads across Meta, Google, and LinkedIn with just a single creation in ADXL. No more managing multiple campaigns separately. ADXL makes lead generation campaigns central and hassle-free.

With ADXL, you can expect an impressive 80% reduction in workload and a 30% decrease in ad spend. It enables businesses to efficiently reach and convert customers while saving valuable resources. Get started with a Free Trial today and experience the convenience and effectiveness of ADXL. Pay as you go with our flexible pricing starting at just $49 per month.