Bongocat -


The AI integrated CMS. The only blog that can literally write itself.


Creating your Bongocat site is an easy no-code process. With a few clicks and a little setup, your new blog site is live and ready to start creating high-quality AI-generated content that you can review, edit and publish in minutes.

Using Bongocoat over other systems like WordPress or Ghost will reduce the time, effort and management for creating SEO-optimised blog content.

Create content, images, and edit all with the built-in AI systems and integrations.

From Headline to “Whoa, It Wrote That?

Got a catchy title? Watch Bongocat turn it into a full-blown, jaw-dropping article. No need to sweat the small stuff; we’ve got the research, writing, and editing covered.

Tweak, Twist, and Make It Yours

Every article’s like clay in your hands. Spice it up, change things around, or add your special touch – with Bongocat, you’re the boss.

Smart Stuff Without the Fuss

Up your content game with some clever touches. Perfect images? Check. Fresh content ideas? Got ’em. Smooth links and neat sidebars? It’s all in there. Let Bongocat’s smarts make you look even cooler.