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Business Name Generator

TRUiC’s free, AI-powered online Business Name Generator will help you instantly brainstorm hundreds of unique business name ideas.


How to Use the Business Name Generator

Step 1: Choose Your Business Name Keywords

Choosing the right keywords to enter into the generator will yield the best results.

Choose keywords that capture your product, service, or mission. Provide at least two keywords in the “Enter Keywords” box. For best results, try three or more.


  • Your business’s main offerings
  • The core values of your business
  • The emotions you want your name to evoke
  • Adjectives that might be associated with your business
  • Synonyms
  • Double meanings

Adding the city and state to the name generator is an option. Incorporating the city and state into your name can boost your local online presence on Google and Bing searches.

For more help choosing keywords, jump to the brainstorming section.

Step 2: Choose Business Name Ideas and Highlight Top Picks

Look for as many creative business names as you need – there’s no search limit. We recommend trying multiple keyword combinations as you generate business names.

Use the heart icon to tag your favorite business names.

Consider each name based on the following:

  •  How it aligns with your brand’s mission
  •  How easy it is to remember and pronounce
  •  Whether it’s catchy and unique
  •  How it will resonate with your target audience

Step 3: Select Your Business Name and Register the Domain

Browse your saved list and select the name that resonates most with you and your brand’s mission. Remember, this name will represent your business’s identity, so make sure to choose one that aligns with your vision and is brandable and marketable.

Then, ask yourself:

  • Is the name simple?
  • How does it sound when I say it out loud?
  • Is the name easy to pronounce and spell, and does the acronym look okay?
  • Is my name shorter rather than longer?
  • Does the name convey my mission as a business?
  • Did I avoid trends?
  • Does my name contain obscure words?
  • Is my name memorable?

Our generator will perform a domain availability check of the corresponding website address for each selected name. A domain name that is consistent with your business name can be crucial in establishing an online brand for your business.

In today’s digital age, the domain name for your business is just as crucial as the business name itself. You can future-proof your brand name by registering your website domain name immediately. And you’ll receive a hefty discount through our partnership with GoDaddy when you do.