HappyDiffusion ai


Stable Diffusion in your browser. Start using Stable Diffusion in just 60 seconds. No setup required.


HappyDiffusion is the fastest and easiest way to run Stable Diffusion Automatic WebUI on your mobile and desktop.

There’s no need for any setup or installation of any dependencies. You can launch Stable Diffusion in just one click. Each user gets a dedicated GPU and storage, which is 100% private, and all data is permanently deleted once the session is ended.

HappyDiffusion has more than 50+ top-ranked image models, including Stable Diffusion XL, and any custom image model from Civitai can be loaded on it. HappyDiffusion comes with an Integrated File Browser to view and download all the generated images.

HappyDiffusion can also generate videos using Deforum and Infinite Zoom.