Loopin AI

Loopin AI

AI meeting assistant for customer-facing teams.


Loopin removes the hassle from meetings – concise meeting summaries, automated recaps, and conversational assistant.

AI Meeting Assistant that records, transcribes & summarises your important meetings so you never have to take a manual note again.

Missed a meeting or can’t recall important details? Just “ask” Loopin.

Loopin Features:

LoopinAI is the first AI Meeting assistant that records & truly summarises your meetings into key decisions, next steps or important highlights

  • Focus on the conversation while LoopinAI records, transcribes, and summarises the meeting in your writing tone.
  • Customise your summaries using meeting specific templates.
  • Exclusive bragging rights by sharing precise meeting summaries in one click.
  • Learn insights from your meetings like “Consolidate feedback from all my customer meetings” & LoopinAI Assistant will provide you with the right context.
  • Send Summaries to meeting participants over Email, Slack or Notion.
  • Invite your team to collaborate on the meeting summaries – Real Time!
  • Create and Assign Action items from the meeting summaries.
  • Automatic follow up on action items over Slack!
  • Create Agenda Talking points for the meeting and notify the participants.

Loopin is recommended as the best meeting companion tool used by all:

  • Customer facing teams: To consolidate important feedback from all customer calls.
  • HR Leaders: For their Interview and Performance review meetings.
  • UX/UI Researchers: To conduct User Testing and pen down major highlights.
  • Product Managers: To capture user feedback and work on it.
  • Tech Teams: For running their sprint, planning and roadmap meetings.
  • Investors: To get insights from all startup pitches in last few weeks.
  • & many more teams use LoopinAI!