magical ai


Magical is the GPT-powered calendar for your meetings & work.


The calendar that takes meeting notes for you.

Magical AI brings the power of artificial intelligence built into your calendar, meetings, and daily workflows.

Magical AI is a humanly intelligent calendar that can help you take notes, follow up, analyze tasks, remember stuff, and more.

  • Time peek
  • AI command line
  • Scheduling links
  • Mouseless experience
  • Time polls
  • Auto-join conferencing

AI-Powered Group Scheduling: Introducing Magical’s Time Polls

Your calendar, everywhere

Check your calendar without switching tabs, seamlessly schedule events, and jump straight into your meetings from anywhere.

Eliminate note-taking

Magical uses GPT-4 and Whisper from openAI to generate meeting notes, recommend action items, and act as your meeting assistant.

Sync to Notion

Experience accessibility at its finest by automatically syncing your meeting notes into Notion, and share them with others.