marsx ai tool dev


MarsX is a platform that is designed specifically for startups and aims to make their journey easier, bringing more power and flexibility by allowing them to reuse thousands of micro-apps from previous projects built on the platform.


Code + NoCode + AI

Mars is a devtool (Dev Tool) that lets you start building using No-Code and zero coding skills as long as you stay within the scope of existing micro apps. For example, you can 100% No-Code an Uber-like marketplace.

However, if you need to make something completely custom, you need to use the Mars Code interface that lets you enter a proper full-scale coding IDE and create your custom logic. So, unlike Bubble, Mars won’t let you build anything with No-Code. Why didn’t we make it just like Bubble?

Because we believe that the project should start as No-Code and it needs to be simple, so you do not need to pass the course and study in the academy.

Once you overgrow the No-Code capabilities it makes sense to switch to Code. If you are using other No-Code tools, you would have to just throw away everything you’ve made and start building from scratch using custom programming technics.

The main innovation behind Mars is that once you overgrow the No-Code, you can just switch the coding interface from No-Code to Code. You will not lose anything you’ve built, not the data, not the logic. You can even continue building simple parts using No-Code and more complicated parts using Code.