minOS ai


Create Autonomous AI Agents for your professional tasks.


Chat with unlimited AI characters in the marketplace:

Generate reports, seek advice, create autonomous workflows. so much you can do!

DIY AI Agent

Think LEGO but for AI. With our intuitive interface, you can personalize the visual and auditory representation of your AI Agent, trained with your own data.

Advanced customization

Benefit from our efficient API integrations for effortless productivity, available 24/7. You can even teach your agents how to think by customizing thought chain, like how you would teach a fresh-onboarded employee.

Advanced analytics

Set up structured memory, leverage our long term memory capability to allow agents to remember the most important information about customers, to serve your customers better.

Deploy with a click

Once your Genius is fully customized, deploy it as a Web Widget, a full Web Page on your site, or via an API interface for your application.