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The easiest & fastest way to integrate GPT into your apps & workflows.


Make your SaaS & mobile apps stand out with the power of GPT: Develop, test, manage, and improve all your prompts in one place. Then integrate with one simple API call – no matter which provider.

For SaaS & App Developers

Gain new users for your SaaS app, and wow existing ones by adding powerful GPT features like text generation, information extraction, etc. Be ready for production in less than a day thanks to Promptitude.

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For Prompt Engineers & Users

Creating perfect, powerful GPT prompts is a work of art. With Promptitude, you can finally develop, test, and manage all your prompts in one place. And with built-in end-user rating, improving your prompts is a breeze.

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For AI Hosting Providers

Make your hosted GPT and NLP APIs available to a wide audience of SaaS & software developers. Boost API usage by empowering your users with easy-to-use prompt management by Promptitude.