ribbo ai


ChatGPT trained on your data. Ribbo.ai learns from your docs, website content, blog, and other sources to generate a chatbot that answers questions within the context of your data.


Ribbo.ai utilizes advanced AI technology to enhance customer support processes. It trains on company data and can handle various customer interactions, providing accurate responses much quicker than humans.

When a customer contacts the support system, Ribbo.ai chatbot engages in a conversation, analyzing the customer’s query and generating relevant responses based on pre-defined knowledge from a website, knowledge base, or uploaded documents.

Ribbo.ai continuously learns from new data, customer interactions, and feedback, improving its understanding and response capabilities. It is also easy to embed Ribbo AI chat on a website and customize its appearance and functionality.

Overall, Ribbo.ai simplifies and automates customer support processes, reducing response times, increasing customer satisfaction, and helping to handle a higher volume of queries effectively.