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Typing Mind

A better UI for ChatGPT.


TypingMind not only provides a better UI for ChatGPT but also leverages your chat experience to the next level.

A better UI for ChatGPT.

  • No repetitive login.
  • Chat folders, search, export.
  • Prompt library.
  • Pro features & Integrations.
  • Run locally on browser.
TypingMind Feature list

How does Typing Mind work?

This is a static web app, it doesn’t have any backend server. When you enter your API key, it will be stored locally and securely on your browser.

All API requests are sent directly from your browser to OpenAI server to interact with ChatGPT.

Think of this as a HTTP client for your ChatGPT API with a lot of convenience features.

Is Typing Mind free?

TypingMind.com is free to use with some basic features. You will need to have a working OpenAI API Key in order to use the app.

When you use the API Key, you pay directly to OpenAI for the amount of credits/tokens you use.

Typing Mind has premium features that can be unlocked with a one-time purchase.

🦹 Built-in AI Characters

 Built-in AI Characters

Giving AI models characters is often when their powers are unleashed. This feature is integrated with Typing Ming.

You can access specialized AI characters such as “Stand-up Comedian,” “Backend Software Engineer,” “Academic Researcher,” etc. that can assist you in answering your questions more effectively.