Prompts made easy with AI templates. AI templates turn a simple form into a sophisticated prompt, helping you get high quality, dependable results from AI. They are saveable, shareable, and reusable.


How it works

WNR.AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze and process messy text provided by the user, and turn it into high-quality output with just a press of a button.

It turns your content into templates inspired by YC, Sequoia, Asana, McKinsey, and the WNR community.

Product Management

Product Management Wnr.ai

Simplify complex product management tasks with our user-friendly templates

  • Product Requirement Document (PRD) used by Square/Block
  • Project Brief used by Asana
  • One Pager Project Starter created by Lenny Rachitsky

Company / Strategy

Company / Strategy

Revolutionize your business strategy with the top company/strategy templates

  • Advice for any startup situation via Y Combinator
  • Turn your company into a movement by David Sacks
  • Vision document created by Marc Benioff for Salesforce

Investor tools

Investor tools

Templates for both investors and founders to analyze companies using the top VC frameworks

  • Pitch deck / business plan recommended by Sequoia
  • Burn multiple with analyses by David Sacks
  • Zero to One 7 questions by Peter Thiel